John Tieken is the owner & master tattoo artist @ Last Days Tattoo Parlor. He has been tattooing over 22 years, with his fine art always being one of his main passions. He is not only a mentor to his employees but also the community.

Tieken is one of the rare, undiscovered talents in the crazy world that tattooing has gone to. With the international fame for some of the best tattoo artists, it’s just a matter of time before Tieken gets his 100K fans on Instagram.

When you want that tattoo that will blow people’s minds, Tieken is the man to go see. Whether a black & white or color piece, the end result will be unbelievable. His light hand (from MANY years of experience) will also help any first timers or allow those big pieces to be finished with ease.

His fine art is just as impressive as his tattooing. This year will be a big year in terms of Tieken starting to share a lot more of his talents with the world, with his fine art being a huge part of it.

Black & White (selected examples):